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Your inheritance is as important to us as it is to you. Maximum Inheritance have been providing financial and legal advice – including last will and testament; trusts; care home fees planning and inheritance tax avoidance strategies since 1999.  Our advisers were some of the first to be regulated by the now FSA in June 1999.  We have stuck to our Surrey and South London roots like most of our clients and explain what we do and how we do it without buzz words, jargon or legal mumbo jumbo.

We don’t offer online wills because Inheritance Advice is not something that can be automated.

Every family and its inheritance needs are different from the next, and what constitutes good inheritance planning or advice for one individual or family is not determined by smoke and mirrors or a strict formula that can be reduced to an online tool. On line wills usually mean someone is paying more for lack of service – that someone being you.  Estate planning, when done properly, requires vigilance which we shall teach you, not maintenance.  Internet will or will making kits are meant to support bloated staffs and over head.  We have a lean staff compliment and small overheads – two good reasons our financial and estate planning advice are affordable.

Creating an asset protection plan with a bespoke last will and testament and where necessary property protection schemes can be a challenge for most folk or families – it can be expensive if your choice of will writer are the same people who flog one size fits all will making templates or kits.  Why try to save a few pounds on the cost of a will by entrusting the fruit of your life’s work, the product of your blood, toil sweat and tears to organisations who treat you merely as a number, and the apparent cheap or even free will making advice would turn out to be false economy?

Will writing services – Estate Planning that works for you

Read more about will writing and learn about how to achieve a secure estate for future generations of your family explained in plain language that anyone can understand.  Also learn more about avoiding intestacy and reducing inheritance tax.

If you want to learn more about some of the finer points of estate planning that works, request our 3 point estate planning file.  Find out about avoiding nursing home fees and the importance of keeping the wealth in your family for generations to come.

Thorough inheritance planning requires getting to know what your motivations and principles are – this would inform how your assets are distributed; whom your beneficiaries; attorneys and trustees should be.  This would be followed by assessing any potential liability to inheritance tax and how to mitigate it, analysing how to preserve any businesses assets you might own, and preventing the family home from being sold to pay care or nursing home charges.

Will Writing & Asset Preservation

70% of all deaths in England and Wales occur while the deceased was intestate – creating unnecessary administrative palaver in much longer probate procedure. A valid will is one of the cornerstones of estate planning – making sure your assets are inherited by the those you want.

We enjoy working with  clients with assets England and Wales. We regret as the law in Scotland is different, we are unable advise on matters outside our jurisdictions.

Bragging Rights

If you want references or examples of our affordable wills and estate planning  results, we can provide whatever you need.  We stopped putting bragging rights on our website because, other than our blog, it consumes too much effort.  We would rather be working on protecting YOUR children’s inheritance and let you do the bragging.  Please ask.

Protect my family’s inheritance

If you want to write a will; protect your home from nursing home charges; reduce or avoid inheritance tax, in short pass your wealth to future generations  of your family, there is no more cost effective way to do it than through experts with over 21 years.  You can protect your familys inheritance.