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Wills to Avoid Care Home Fees

One of the several beauties of the internet is its use as an invaluable source of information, its inherent speed means there is almost a real time dialouge between estate planning service providers and their masters their customers and potential customers.

The information provided by search queries provides

Wills & The Home Protection Plan keep your assets in the family for generations.

a nimbleness to those entities that are fortunate to possess it to react to their customers sentiments and fashion their offerings accordingly afterall the customer is boss.

A qualitative interogation of enquiries reavels the there are many folk who are interested in  wills to avoid care home fees.  Indeed, Alice our office manager recalls speaking to a couple of people seeking to avoid wasting their familys inheritance by paying care home fees.

While the concept of making a will is closley related to that of preventing hangers on such as the local council in league with the state from stealing our familys inheritance, by undertaking care home fees planning, the 2 are distinct phases of the estate planning process.

We, like our clients who are always right, believe the current care home fees regime is at best unfair, and in fact was the work of the devil as it penalises hard work and thrift.  Home owners say, with every justification, there is no incentive for anyone to not to be a spend thrift, afterall, the fruit of one blood; toil; sweat and tears would only be stolen  in the autumn ones life.  One a more topical point, Ive just spoken this morning to a lady who is particularly vexed that her teenage grandchildren of whom there are four are expected to start their working lives with debts of about £50,000 by paying the full value of their tuition fees.

In brief, care home fees planning ensures there are assets to be distributed by a will, both 2 of the pillars of the estate planning process designed to keep wealth in your family for generations.