Changing the address of deceased person

Estate Administration & Management

Question: Is it illegal to change the address of a deceased person?

Answer? On death, all relationships are terminated, as correspondence is a by-product of relationships, a deceased person should not be getting any mail.  Standard practice in estate administration dictates that all relevant parties government authorities, pension providers, utility and finance organisations etc should be notified. On being informed, these bodies would make the necessary arrangements so that all outstanding accounts may be settled and closed.

On death, all relationships are terminated.

In the event  that you are the executor of the estate of the dead person, there are several things you need to do as part of the process of estate administration and carrying out the provisions of the last will and testament of the deceased person.  One of them would include notifying all relevant parties of the death including registering it with your local registrar of births; deaths and marriages.

There might however be correspondence arriving as consequence of the fact of the death, those items should the addressed to the estate of the deceased or on rare ocassions to the executor 0r person winding up the estate (in his or her own name).  In my opinion, informed  by my experience, there is no reason or justification for changing the address of a dead person. Such a question as youve asked, caused the word fraud to form in the mind  of your interlocutor.  In the event you think there is a genuine and legitimate reason for seeking to change the address of the deceased, you would be advised to consult a professional estate administrator to set out the circumstances that you believe require a departure from standard estate administration practice for advice that is particular to your circumstances so you do not inadvertedly lay yourself open to prosecution.

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