Content is King, Use a Guest Blogger

Guest Blogging

Writing for your blog, weve all been there. You know you need to write stuff, you know you need to have it writen now, even yesterday, but you just cant get the words on paper even worse, writing it on a screen mocks you, as there is often a word count utility, but you have not come any where near meeting the number it throws at you. Its even worse if you need to write for a blog.  They say content is king  your blog content is senior royalty.

Youve been on some SEO course or webinar or perhaps bought a book that emphasised the benefit of the blog as some chap put it so succinctly, if youre not blogging,  youre not in the game, you might as well pack up and go home.

Content is King, but your audience is god, so the question is, what to do?

Content is King

My mother always said if its worth doing at all, its worth doing well. You could pay a professional, but decent articles cost £200 £300 per 4 articles. If you have that sort of cash, go ahead.  You could do it for less of course, try to pay less by having it farmed out to folk who speak English as a second even 3rd language, and it would be evident in the quality of the writing. Spun content is positively ugly! Would you treat royalty shabbily?

Enter the Guest Blogger

Just for the pleasure and credit of writing on a variety of subjects, I would be delighted to produce a unique; fully SEO optimised; 300 word article that would help draw and keep your audience to your blog.  They day say content is king, true, but remember, your audience is god.

Why do I do it?

I use WordPress, and run a lot of free plug ins this is my way of giving something back I can look at myself in the mirror and say I am an asset to the collective. All I ask is that you give me full credit for my writing.

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