Guest Blogger

The blog is an important part of your site, your readers, clients and potential customers find it useful even entertaining, but you need fresh content. You want to give your readers a reason to come back to make your site sticky.  The solution is here your guest blogger. By having us as your guest blogger, you get new, never before published content that is fully optimised for SEO, and the beauty is, it is free.  A decent article is worth its weight in gold, as a football cognocenti might tell you, it is like watching Brazil. In my mothers words -the deployment of the English language, it use of wit, grace and style is a thing of beauty, it is almost baletic.

Typically, decent blog articles cost £200 per 4 articles OUCH!

Writers Block? Get us to Write for You

What You Get

  • Fresh, valuable blog articles
  • A unique article, 300 500 words long
  • Full SEO optimisation
  • Relevant STOCK illustration [watermarks or illustrators’ credits might be present]
  • An article written by a native speaker of the English language not one farmed out to God knows where
  • Lest we forget it is FREE OF CHARGE, bezpłatnie,  gratuitement, kostenlos, de forma gratuita it costs you nothing.

What you give us:

  • Information about your blog
  • A brief outline of your site and your objectives
  • An idea how quickly you require the article
  • An indication of how much control you have over your blog and site
  • Two or 3 key words and the URL (uniform resource locators) of the pages to which you would like them linked.

In the event the unfortunate event that we have to reject your invitation to write for you, we shall

  • explain the reasons for our decision
  • offer you free tools to put right the deficiencies of your blog
  • invite you to resubmit your proposal for a guest blogger