Last Will and Testament Unsigned

Last Will and Testament Not signed

My uncle has left a will with his wishes that he had made through a will writing service but when the sent the last will and testament papers to him he was supposed to sign and return them  to hold until his death unfortunately he never signed ithem how do we follow his wishes now as i now it will just be divided between his brothers and sisters as he was never married but this is not what he wanted it is supposed to go to nieces and nephew as well as bothers and sisters

Answer: Dear Vicky,

I am sorry to hear of the circumstances in which you find yourself.

For Want of a Signature, the Will is Invalid

I would answer this on the assumption that you live within England and Wales. You appear to understand that your uncle died without leaving a valid last will and testament, he died intestate as an unsigned will is not valid. You say he never married but not if he had no children [I shall work on the basis that he had no children].

The age at which your uncle died [as well as those of his brothers and sisters] on the one hand, and the value of your late uncles estate are important points in the resolution of this issue.  Also important would be the extent to which your surviving uncles and aunts were supportive in caring out your late uncles wishes as outlined in the unsigned will.

If there was agreement in the family then it would be a relatively simple matter to resolve this notwithstanding, it might be in their interests to take advice on giving up what at first glance appears to be their share of their brothers wealth.

If you wanted legal assistance in how to go about the resolution please contact me.

My condolences on the death of your uncle.

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