Lasting Power of Attorney, Last Will Testaments Poor Cousin

The idea of a Last Will and Testament is one with which most people are familiar, and they

Who can tell the future, Inheritance Planning helps cope with unpredictabilty

plan to get round to it eventually. The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) how ever is something of which most folk are unaware, at least a bit less than they do the will.

The lasting power of attorney is a powerfull, suite of documents,  one of the 5 stands of the estate planning process that when needed is often worth its weight in gold.  Just as the last will and test will and testment is a road map to the courts expressing your testamentary wishes in clear and simple terms the key point here is that it refers to the distribution of your property after your death.

The lasting power of attorney refers to the management of your affairs, health, money, welfare in the event that you are unable or unwilling to manage those aspects of your life this would be especially relevant if you succumbed to such illnesses of old age such as senile dementia or Alzheimers Disease.

Some people baulk at the cost of the lasting power of attorney, at Maximum Inheritance, we tend to offer it to our clients during the will writing consultantion, as much of the work has already been done, the additional charge we make for producing and certifying the paperwork is minimal.  Our main function would be to act as certificate providers, and thus ensure that when the documents are submitted to the Office of the Public Guardian, they are certain to be admitted. We are justifiably proud of our 100% acceptance record by the office of the public guardian. We advice on the selection of suitable attorneys and the conditions  and limits of their powers and rarely their compensation.

There is additionally a fee to be paid upon regisration the general advice to our clients [of course depending on their circumstances] would be to hold off registration till the powers were required.

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