Avoid Care Home Fees

Our clients are of the mind that should they need go into a care home,  or require some ofther form of care the state would penalize them for thier hard work  and thrift they are liable to lose their savings and sell the family home to pay for care.  Our clients come to us to avoid  the family home being sold, to stop the state stealing their wealth.

They want the fruits of the blood; toil; sweat and tears to be retained by their kith and kin rather it be stolen by the state. Our clients seek to secure their children and grand children’s future – especially in this era of increased tuition fees.

Preserving your Legacy

  • Learn how to pass your wealth to your children.
  • Avoid having to sell the family home to pay care home fees.
  • Protect your lifes work. Learn the wisdom and pitfalls of signing property over to children.
  • We make your wealth go towards your family welfare rather than subsidize the council.
  • Avoid your grandchildren leaving university with over £40,000 student debt.

The Home Protection Plan:

  • Learn the 5 secrets of keeping your home
  • Be confident of leaving your wealth to those you love
  • Be certain of not paying care home  or nursing home fees
  • Find out how to make the council pay for your care
  • Learn how to keep your hard earned wealth in your family
  • Benefit from our 100% success rate