Bereavement Co-ordination

End of Life Planning

Unfortunately, the often beautiful and exciting journey of life must end, and it often in every body’s interest to plan for the end of life.  There are several reasons one would draw up an end of life plan – this might include but are not limited to:

  • Relieve administrative burdens;
  • Ensure the funeral service you want;
  • Ensure your wishes are respected;
  • Preventing Family Arguments;
  • Ensuring your family get as much of your property as possible;
  • Finding responsible parties to act in lieu of family;
  • Starting or continuing your family legacy;
  • Minimising inheritance tax;
  • Reducing probate costs and speeding up the probate process;
  • Recording a video will

Whatever the reason, Maximum Inheritance Specialists’ comprehensive End of Life plan enables you to leave detailed instructions regarding the end of your life, your funeral, any practical arrangements you wish to make and your estate  – ensuring your last will and testament is valid and reflects your wishes and beliefs; as well as providing all the information your executors will need to proceed with the administration of your estate and probate in a timely fashion.

As a matter of course,   our clients as part of their Estate Plan or End of Life Planning have access to pre-paid funeral plans – they can be arranged on your behalf as we work with some of the country’s leading funeral plan suppliers.  This would serve to protect you and your loved ones from the burden of increasing disbursements costs such as burial and cremation fees. Funeral plans are arranged to accommodate all tastes, budgets and where applicable, religious practise but most of our clients feel it is one fewer thing for their survivors to worry about at what is one of the most distressful points in their lives.