Getting Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney ensures people you love and trust – not officers appointed by the courts at considerable expense to your family can take control with the minimum of bureaucratic delay.

  • Be certain that the Lasting Power of Attorney that would be required should someone else have to make decisions on your behalf is in order.
  • Attain peace of mind.
  • Ensure clarity and protect your family wealth.
  • Eliminate administrative hassle cost effectively.

LPA Concepts

  • EPA
  • Health & Welfare LPA
  • Property & Financial LPA
  • Living Will

You may think personal finance is tricky, the pity is it does not get any easier with the passage of time. By preparing a lasting power of attorney document, you make sure your financial and welfare affairs would be properly handled in the event you were unable to do so yourself. An attorney is someone you choose to make decisions about your finances and matters relating to your wealth and welfare if you are no longer able or willing to.

Obtaining LPA

If you lost the mental capacity (perhaps on account of accident or illness) to manage your affairs – your loved ones would then have to petition the Court of Protection – an organisation that was not designed with speed of customer service in mind – to appoint an official known as a Receiver to handle your affairs. Having your completed and prepared power of attorney documents bypasses the bureaucratic nightmare .

Think ahead to spare the trouble and expense. How can we help? We have the skill and experience to deal with these sometimes distressing situations. Through our lasting power of attorney service – your appointed attorney can deal with your house and possessions and protect your interests, manage debts and pay bills, manage investments including properties, deal with taxation and related matters make decisions relating to your wealth and welfare.

Advice on Lasting Power of Attorney

While this is a stand alone document, as it is one of the pillars of inheritance planning, it can be prepared and effected when you prepare your will.

We would

  • advise you on whom to appoint as attorney,
  • recommend and implement all necessary safeguards
  • act as certificate provider and
  • ensure that the document would be accept by the relevant authorities.

Registering the Lasting Power of Attorney

We are experienced in advising and carrying out the process of registering your power of attorney.

We offer: legal and financial expertise, years of experience dealing sensitively with these situations, integrity, trust and continuity, full regulation and £5 million professional liability insurance.