Making a Will

Last Will and Testament

As your last will and testament is the foundation of your estate planning, starting with a blank sheet of paper,  as will writing specialists, we undertake making a will that is bespoke to your personal and financial circumstances.  Ensure your property goes to the people you want. Achieve a tamper proof estate by expressing your wishes in  concise legally valid terms.

Why Make a Will

By using our will writing service, we don’t just go about making a last will and testament document, we guide you through the process of laying out your wishes in the clearest possible terms. We help you articulate how your desires and values influence how your last will and testament is drafted. We work with you to ensure your peace of mind that your wishes would be carried out.

You’ll know precisely how your personal and business assets will be dealt with after you pass away.

How To Write a Last Will and Testament

A will is your way of knowing that your wishes will be kept – taking into account tax planning and other considerations.

Once your instructions are taken they are passed to our in-house will writing team. This is headed by our company lawyer and supported by staff with combined legal experience of more than 50 years. The legal department will then draft your last will and testament from your personal instructions, which is then returned to you for checking and signing.

Professional Will Writing Service

Making a will with a professional will writing advice, you can be certain that nothing is left to chance as we are a solicitor led company, as we subscribe to the industry voluntary codes of regulation and we are covered by £5 million pound professional indemnity insurance. In over 20 years we have assisted more than 15,000 families in their inheritance planning, the foundation of which is the last will and testament.
Worried about who would inherit your assets? Perhaps you never thought it was an issue – specify who benefits. Ensure unmarried partners are taken care of. Be confident children from previous relationships or step children are treated fairly. Bespoke documents crafted for you guarantee clarity of your intentions.

Maximum Inheritance Specialists bring security; reassurance and peace of mind not just to you, but also those who depend on you.

Please contact to discuss any questions you might have about a last will and testament.