Video Wills

Is the video Will Legal?

Yes – if used correctly.  There is no precedent for the video wills in English law, it is not suggested or recommended as replacement for a traditional testamentary disposition. The Video Will recommended where appropriate, as a part of estate planning, is the blend of the crafts of 2 professionals – the legal professional  and the video producer .

Needless to say, the first step would be to make the will and ensure it was executed correctly – then go about recording the cinematic version.  The digital recording in fact is a more expansive expression of ones testamentary wishes – the paper verion is a terse legal document in which one sticks to the salient points .

The  electronic version however, is free of those constraints, and one can talk for as long as one wishes.  The cinematic recording  would of course be more than just home cinema, it would be a chance to start or continue a family legend, and has been used to discuss or reflect on ones’ life, values, and wishes.

Are Video Wills Valid?

While precedent has not made the video will an acceptable declaration of one’s testamentary dispositions, it is very useful as a corroboratory device in establishing the validity of the intentions of the testator.  Speaking into a camera, tends to go some way to show that the person was of sound mind.

Inheritance Disputes

This cinematic rendition of one’s testamentary wishes, would go a long way to prevent testamenary paperwork getting ‘lost’.  The video will, while not on its own, be guaranteed to be acceptable in the courts, would go a long way to show that the original paper document was valid and that the testator was of sound mind.  As testator has taken inheritance advice, there is a chance to explain in detail, the reasons for the testamentary provisions.

Achieve a tamper-proof estate – have your wishes and values expressed in clear, legally valid, unambiguous terms. Leave the heavy lifting to us.